How to Take Care of Granite Counter Tops?

Wow, my new Granite countertop actually makes my kitchen pop! What do you figure that your emotions are if that brand new shiny granite counter top became dull or stained? There are different ways that could happen if it is not properly cared for. Allow me to share some tips I have learned through the years on the best way best to take care of granite counter tops.

What is granite anyways? The only other substance on the planet that is harder than diamonds. This substance is completely durable and easy to clean and leaves the kitchens or baths pop. Since granite is formed from molten rock it will usually have porous substance as part of its makeup. That means that you should be careful about what you allow to sit on the surface.

Following are a couple of ideas that can keep your granite counter top looking great for many years:

  • When you have your granite kitchen top singapore being installed, be certain it is been sealed with a great sealer. This is probably among the most important initial steps. When properly sealed, it is going to help keep the moisture from those porous areas. You can always check whether it is properly sealed by tossing a few drops of water on the granite and on the off chance that the water does not bead up, at the point it is definitely not sealed correctly. Your installer should be the master on this.
  • Do not use powerful chemicals or any type of abrasives on the granite’s surface. Additionally, any acidic fluid, including some fruits, sodas or vinegar can harm the surface. On the off chance that a spill does occur, sop it up simultaneously.
  • If anything such as dishes or other Ceramic such as objects is dragged across the counter top, scratches may occur. When cleaning the countertop down be sure that you are utilizing a soft fabric, anything harder will harm it.

One of the Most positive benefits that granite countertops have over others is not Only it is incredible appearance, yet it is easy to wash and keep up the maintenance on it. All you have to do is keep the surface clean of objects so Scratches do not happen, refrains from getting any acidic kind fluids around the Surface of the countertop, and maintain the granite clean with water and a soft towel. This will help ensure that your granite countertop has a long. Enjoy!