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Luthier de violon en Finistere (Bretagne) à proximité de Brest, Quimper, Morlaix
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Daniel Ross Luthier

15 ans d’expérience professionnelle. Formation de lutherie de quatre ans à l’école de Newark (Angleterre) ; Spécialisé dans le quatuor - je me concentre essentiellement sur le violon et la viole d’amour.

Tarif Fabrication

  • Violon model Stradivarius "KRUSE" €3600 - €4600
  • Violon 5 cordes €3700 - €4700
  • Viole d’amour - modèle copie Storioni 1786 €2400 - €3000
  • Viole d’amour - modèle "Fusi" €3200
  • Viole d’amour - modèle copie Chardon / Casadesus €4500 avec tète simple plus avec sculpture
  • Violon - modèle sans coins €2200

Violon STRAD "KRUSE" €3600 - €4600

Modèle Stradivarius « Kruse » 1721. Longueur 355mm.

Violon 5 cordes €3700 - €4700

Niall Murphy joue ce violon 5 cordes. Attendez la 4eme minute pour entendre la corde de Do.

Violon 5 cordes dans le style de Stradivarius. Basé sur le modèle « Kruse ». légèrement plus large et long (4mm plus long). Le concept – Un violon avec une corde de Do fonctionnelle en gardant le maximum le caractère du violon. (Ce n’est pas un alto avec une corde de mi). Longueur 359mm.

Violon sans coins €2200

cornerless violin 2013

Le violon sans coins n’est pas un nouveau concept. Une ligne et une tète simple réduit le temps de fabrication. C’est ma solution pour proposer un violon professionnel pour un moindre coût. Ce modèle est très puissant. Longueur 356mm

  • Violin model based the "KRUSE" 1721 Antonio Stradivari 3600€ - 4600€
  • 5 String violin 3700€ - 4700€
  • Cornerless violin 2200€

Violons Anciens

A partir de €700. Une bonne sélection d’instruments d’études (Mirecourt etc.). Une sélection d’instruments plus rares et plus anciens sont disponibles. (violons 19eme/18eme entre €3500 et €15,000).

Tarif réglage

ChevaletÂmeRedressage de touche et silletFabriquer une touche et silletsillet haut/basChevilles - 4 Posées
Violon 55€ + prix du chevalet (8€ - 25€) 45€ 55€ 200€ 30€ 75€ + prix des chevilles (€5 la chevilles instr. étudiant) (Instr. Pro - choix sur catalogue)
Alto 65€ + prix du chevalet (10€ - 30€) 45€ 65€ 220€ 30€ 75€ + prix des chevilles (5€ la chevilles instr. étudiant) (Instr. Pro - choix sur catalogue)
Violoncelle 135€ + prix du chevalet (25€ - 60€) 60€ 100€ 350€ 40€ 85€ + prix des chevilles (10€ la chevilles instr. étudiant) (Instr. Pro - choix sur catalogue)

Viole D’Amour

Chardon viola d’amore made for H. Casadesus
Chardon head and pegbox ornamented with gold paint.
The back of the neck is rather flat. More a "D" shape than a "C" shape.

14 String Viola d’Amore after "Chardon Pere et Fils" made for Henri Casadesus 1936 €4500 - €6000

Chardon Casadesus Viola d’amore copy (2015)

This model is a copy of a VDM built for Henri Casadesus by Chardon Pere et Fils in 1936. It is an instrument based on his own Eberle. I am lucky enough to have had the original Chardon in the workshop for the last 10 years, and I use it as a reference for making all my 14 strings viola d’amore. The original neck of this instrument is slim and very comfortable.

Dimensions, weight and string length

Length of back (not including the neck button) 422mm / 16.6 inches. String length 368mm / 14.48 inches. Thickness at chin position 58mm / 2.28 inches. Total length 792 mm / 31.18 inches. Weight of original with solid ebony fingerboard770g. Weight of my model with spruce/ebony veneered fingerboard 660g. For any other dimensions feel free to ask.

Original head and details

The Chardon has fine ebony bindings and purfling. I believe that Eberle generaly only used bindings on the front so this is an extra detail added by Chardon. Most viola d’amore have purfled fronts and bare backs. (Unlike V.D.Gamba which often have geometric patterns on the back). The neck is morticed into the top block as on a modern violin. It is much easier to repair instruments built in this way. You have to take the front off to remove a neck nailed on in the baroque fashion. That is why the instrument has the unusual shoulders at the root of the neck. I can build this model in the baroque style without the shoulders if preferred

Tailpiece and Fingerboard

The Chardon has a solid ebony fingerboard. I make a baroque style spruce or maple fingerboard with an ebony veneer. The weight reduction is substantial and also improves the tone. The tailpiece is unusual for a modern instrument (Older peg style attachment).

Bone or Ivory Nuts

Ivory and bone are harder and smoother than ebony. It’s possible to hollow out the passage under the fingerboard nut more, - easier to pass the sympathetics when changing strings. All my viola d’amore have bone nuts. Mammoth Ivory is optional.

Wound sympathetic strings compress ebony and make small ridges, which makes tuning a real pain. Ivory does not compress at all under the strings. I’ve also moved the position of the last symp. nut to decrease the string angle and lower friction. This is a large improvement for tuning.


I have all my pegs made by Phil Brown. They are copied from the pegs of the Chardon. I use African Blackwood which is in my opinion the best material. It is naturally oily, hard and very stable (It’s the wood used for making clarinets) Best of all...It is not a CITES registered endangered species and does not risk to become one so no customs problems.... I make my peg shanks 1mm smaller than on the Chardon. Thicker pegs have a larger circumference. Hence the ratio of turns for tension is better on thinner pegs. This is especially important for the sympathetics as they are more sensitive than the gut strings.

Direct copy of Chardon. The curves in this M. Ivory rosette are similar to the Moorish style of the Alhambra in Granada.
M. Ivory rosette 2012. In the Mouchearabieh / Mashrabiya style found in Islamic Architecture.

Dieter Binkert playing his Casadesus Chardon copy. This instrument was ordered setup for Casadesus tuning sympathetics (F#,A#,G#,G F,E,Eb) and a wound steel high D. Further recordings of the 24 preludes each in a diferent key :


14 String Model "Fusi" from €3200

This instrument is built with exactly the same dimensions as the Chardon. It is a scaled up version of the 12 string Storioni form. I’ve dubbed it the "Fusi" model as i built this particular instrument for Marco Fusi.

Head and details

The head is is my own design. A modern version of a baroque shield or an open scroll ? I developed this head for my cornerless violins. Respecting the lines of a scroll it’s an elegant and inexpensive way to finish an instrument. This particular instrument has bindings in the place of purfling. The neck is mounted baroque style so it doesn’t have the shoulders at the neck root.

Simple maple rosette.

Dimensions, weight and string length

Birds eye maple back

As far string length and body dimensions go this instrument is exactly as the Chardon. Obviosly it does not have any corners however it does have blocks in the place of the corners. The weight of this particular instrument was around 20g heavier than my Chardon model - "Bird’s eye" maple is denser than flamed maple. This model has a very similar character to the Chardon. Perhaps a slightly brighter sound due to the "Bird’s eye" maple back.

Tailpiece and Fingerboard

As with the "Chardon" model - a baroque style spruce or maple fingerboard with an ebony veneer (In this case maple with unveneered sides). The tailpiece again based on the Chardon. Baroque style tailpiece with gut. This is a little lighter than the chardon tailpiece and peg.

The bridge design and flaming swords taken direct from the Chardon

10 string Viola d’amore 5 x 5

Shane Lestideau playing this 5 x 5

This instrument is well adapted to modal fiddle styles. It has a standard violin string length and string spacing. A hybrid instrument built as medium size viola. Although it is a hybrid instrument it does have the tone and response of a viola d’amore. With a little practice any violinist can adapt quickly to this model.

Shane Lestideau playing on a 4 x 4 "violin d’amore". A violin with four sympathetic strings.
The Lea Rig

Model Storioni 1786 depending on decoration and strings etc. from 2200€-3000€

This instrument was built 10 years ago. I’m sorry about the poor photos. I’ll have new photos of a storioni...next year...I have a load of other instruments to build first, but you get the idea from these images. The varnish and pegs etc are the same as the Chardon and the Fusi above.

Dimensions, weight and string length

Back length not including the neck button : 370mm / 14.57 inches. String length 360mm / 14.17 inches. Overall length 739mm / 29.1 inches. Body thickness at chin position 50.5mm / 1.98 inches. Weight 550g.

Storioni viola d’amore 1786
Viole d’amour copie d’un Storioni de 1786. Modèle à 12 cordes, Plus petit que d’habitude. Apres avoir joué un grand modèle j’ai décidé d’en fabriquer un plus petit. C’est un modèle intéressant pour les petit bras. (Je mesure 1.86 m et je trouve qu’un grand modèle est difficile à jouer, alors que je n’ai pas de problème à jouer l’alto). Le modèle peut être fabriqué à 14 cordes mais il est plus grand.

The model is simple, similar to the Stradivari 5 string Alto illustrated in "the secrets of Stradivari", by Simone Sacconi.

The Storioni has an intense high register. A simple model - accessible instrument pricewise.

Storioni made the 1786 with violin "f" holes. I’ve made a couple of instruments with the "fs" but I prefer the "flaming swords".

The head is simple shield in the form of a heart

The original 12 string (6 x 6) fits in a conventional violin case when the top pocket is taken out for the longer head...

I recommend a baroque violin bow for this instrument. The Chardon plays better with a heavy viola bow (baroque or modern).

I’m happy to build an instrument to the size you would like. (In fact I really enjoy making new models) Please contact me if you need advice. Have a look at the price list first...


Ploun’ Fiddle Band
Stage avec Pierre Stephan

Cette année (2013) avec Olivier Steunou. et les copains violoneux nous avons créé le « Ploun’ Fiddle Band ». Répertoire de musique trad. orchestré. Tout le monde est bienvenu.

Benjamin Ross (mon frère est également luthier).

  • Perry & Wilkinson 1826
  • 5 string violin 2014
  • 5 string violin scroll